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Without God I Am Nothing, But Who Are You With God?

Saturday, February 19, 2011 | 5:30pm-8:30pm

Without God I Am Nothing, But Who Are You With God?
Religion and the Church’s Impact on Black Advancement in the Contemporary World

“Somewhere in the annals of European literature someone once wrote that ‘ignorance is bliss;’ but in the ancient record of African philosophy is the belief that ‘ignorance is sinful.’ Most of us have been conditioned to live our lives in a sinful state of blissful ignorance while thinking we were actually being saved. If we equated ignorance with sinfulness we would be inclined to conduct independent research into the origins of our current beliefs and practices. We would then become aware of many startling revelations.”
~ Anthony T. Browder, Author & Cultural Historian

Religion is a topic that many are uncomfortable discussing with others and is sometimes considered so infallible that the beliefs it contains are left unquestioned and unanalyzed. Religious institutions are some of the most powerful and wealthiest entities on the planet, yet we are told in Western Society that it is politically incorrect to discuss religion and its doctrine in certain environments. How could something so important and powerful be considered off-limits in our every day conversations with people? 

In our upcoming conversation, we dare to venture into the territory of religion and its institutions as they concern the African Diaspora.  Overall, the pre-readings and discussion will cover the following: 

  • History of religion & spirituality in Africa and the Americas
  • European-created concepts of God and how they influence our black self-image
  • Religion and its institutions’ current influence on non-white people and their socio-economic position in the global power system.
  • Black Church’s capability of revolutionizing society and its effect on Black progressive/liberation movements.

All questions (“Food for Enlightenment”) for the dialogue will be submitted by participants for the group to answer and discuss. Each participant’s “Food for Enlightenment” should relate to the topic and/or readings.


Readings to be Discussed

  • “Dirty Little Secrets” (excerpt), Claud Anderson, Ed.D.
  • “Survival Strategies For Africans in America: 13 Steps to Freedom” (excerpt), Anthony T. Browder
  • “If God is so Good, Why are Blacks Doing so Bad” (excerpt), James Dixon, II
  • “Holy Lockdown” (excerpt), Jeremiah Camara

Click link to view readings: PreReading File – Without God I Am Nothing, But Who Are You With God?
Event Schedule

  • 5:30 – 6:00 pm: Pre-Discussion Meet & Greet (Refreshments will be served)
  • 6:00 – 8:30 pm: Discussion & Food for Enlightenment
  • 8:30 pm: Post-Discussion “Wine” Down (for those wishing to stay after the discussion and schmooze over wine!)


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