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Muhammad Ali – A Lesson for Black Soldiers

“What’s wrong with me going to jail for something I believe in? Boys are dying in Vietnam for something they don’t believe in. I met 2 black soldiers in the … Continue reading

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Miles Davis…A Lesson for Black Artists

“White people have certain things that they expect from black musicians. It goes all the way back to slavery days. That’s when Uncle Tomming got started because white people demanded … Continue reading

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Who is building this tent city in New Jersey…and for who?

This tent city situation in Linden, NJ is extremely puzzling.  It appears that none of the government agencies want to take responsibility for it and no one wants to explain … Continue reading

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Dreams from his father – Is Obama the African Colonial?

In the article below, L.E. Ikenga explains the concept of the “African Colonial” and gives examples of how U.S. President Obama continues the African Colonial legacy of his father. Do … Continue reading

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College Education: The Largest Scam in American History?

Check out this documentary titled “College Conspiracy” and share your thoughts. How worthless is your college degree? And are you headed towards debt slavery or already there?

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China’s Building a “China City” in Michigan?

The Dayton Daily News has reported that a: Michigan town near Ohio could become ‘China City’ 415-unit housing complex would be home to Chinese business people. By Steve Bennish, Staff … Continue reading

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Deadly Monopolies: The Shocking Corporate Takeover of Life Itself – And the Consequences for Your Health and Our Medical Future

One of the major themes raised by the Occupy movement is the increasing power of large corporations over more and more aspects of our lives. We spend the hour looking … Continue reading

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Gated Communities, Dangerous Minds: What the Trayvon Martin Murder Teaches Us

Edward Blakely, co-author of Fortress America: Gated Communities in the United States, writes an opinion piece for the Washington Post examining the dangerous mindset that lives within the walls of the … Continue reading

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Texans Using Public Money to Maintain Segregation?

Low-Income Housing Effort Compels Building in Poor Areas by Karisa King, San Antonio Express-News, and Ryan Murphy ( Plans to build a low-income apartment complex for seniors in one of … Continue reading

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Criminalizing Blackness: Imprisonment after Slavery

After the emancipation of enslaved Black people in the United States and Reconstruction, laws were passed in the nation that would lead to high incarceration rates for Black males and … Continue reading

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